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What Kind Of Water Should I Drink?

One of the most basic necessities of life is drinking water. Most people will spend a fortune on bottled water, literally drinking little more than glorified tap water. It’s hard to know what type of water to purchase, if purification really works, and if it truly makes a difference on your overall health. I first... Read more »

Cafeteria Overhaul: Get Healthy At School!

One of our missions in Chicago is to start redefining the cafeteria lunch. As a kid, standing in line on the rare days I didn’t have my brown bag in hand, I remember thinking, “Where are all the fruits and veggies?” Though I indulged in sweets and Lunchables were often a staple in that brown... Read more »

Simplify Your Diet: 10 Super Foods to Eat Every Day!

In a world of infinite food choices, it can be an overwhelming experience just to step out your front door and come up with a proper course of action for the day. Pack on about a million restaurants and trillions of calories at our fingertips, and it’s sometimes easy to forget how to eat well.... Read more »

Homemade Chai Tea!

On a crisp, cold day like today, a giant mug of Chai tea is just the thing to warm you up. If you order Chai tea out, you are going to get a ton of sugar and calories, when you can get the same flavorful taste right at home. Because of all the fresh spices,... Read more »

Top 5 Worst Bottled Water Brands!

Remember the days when water flowed freely, and you never had to pay for this natural resource? Probably not. Bottled water has become as much of a business as anything else, ranging anywhere from $4-$6 at airports and special events. I once spent $6 on a tiny bottle of water and became so irate, I... Read more »