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Fresh Produce Delivered Straight to Your Door - Free: Shop Door to Door Organics!

I am a bit of a produce snob. Even if it says organic, I sniff, poke, prod, shake, and weigh what I am going to purchase. I find myself annoyed if I pop into Whole Foods and see the word “conventional” staring back at me. Not only does organic produce make you feel better, it’s... Read more »

Make Your Own Kale Pesto!

A delicious creamy sauce!
I love pasta dishes, but I rarely order pesto. I usually opt for a red sauce chock full of extra veggies. However, if you don’t want to take the time of making your own sauce from scratch, constantly stirring and adding ingredients, then this kale pesto is for you. Tasty, quick and delicious raw over... Read more »

Kill Night Cravings With 5 Healthy Treats!

It never fails that after dinner, I want something else to eat. It used to be something sweet. Now, instead of being content watching a movie and sipping on ginger tea (which I do regularly), my rebellion rears its ugly head. Alex and I play a game: “I want a big heaping bowl of pasta,”... Read more »

Redesigning An American Classic: Turkey Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

American restaurants usually have a staple people love: burger and fries. Sometimes, even if you’re a healthy eater, you crave a burger, fries and a milkshake. Almost every fast food chain is based on the assumption that people like burgers and fries. McDonald’s has made billions on it. So, what if you like this type... Read more »

I Don't Like Healthy Food!

I hear this complaint all the time. I will give clients a list of the tried and true healthy foods that breed success, and I get the same complaint: “I don’t like those foods.” So, what happens if you truly don’t like something healthy and you aren’t willing to compromise? There are always substitutes. Below... Read more »

Road Trip Food

Who doesn’t love taking a road trip from time to time? As Alex and I just drove 14 hours (to and from our destination), we made sure we were armed with snacks. Even so, there’s something about being in a car that “snacks” just won’t satisfy. We wanted something substantial to eat, but didn’t want... Read more »

Mood Food

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you are in a great mood and other times you could punch someone? If it’s not sleep related or stress related, your mood can often be linked to food: sugar, in particular. I was discussing sugar with a client the other day and she told me about a study... Read more »

Good Fats Vs. Bad Fats

There’s always a discrepancy between what constitutes a “good” fat versus a bad fat. Aren’t all fats bad? No. Your body actually needs fat to burn fat, but there are definitely better fats than others. One gram of fat has 9 calories, compared to 4 calories for one carb and 4 calories for one gram... Read more »

What I'm Craving: Chocolate And Peanut Butter!

Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter? I am so crazy about peanut butter, I don’t even allow it in the house. Seriously. I love it that much. However, when it does happen to appear in a cupboard, Alex is likely to find me on the couch, eating it by the spoonful until the jar... Read more »

To Salt Or Not To Salt? That Is Not The Question!

Order anything at a restaurant, and no matter what your cuisine, there will be one commonality amongst the steaming plates and endless delectable options: salt. This seemingly innocent four letter word has led to numerous health problems amongst Americans: bloating, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a general consensus that to be seasoned properly, your... Read more »