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What's For Lunch: Creamy Kale and Millet Salad!

The perfect combo between creamy and fresh, this salad will satisfy every time.
I love salads. I eat them most days for lunch, topped full of veggies. Sometimes, however, I don’t feel like chopping veggies, and I want something that is a bit more comforting or creamy. Look no further than this amazing recipe which I found on Heather Crosby’s Yum Universe. I’ve made it twice in the... Read more »

Make Your Own Salad Dressing, Gourmet Coffee and Buttermilk: 5 Easy Recipes to Save Money!

Do you ever notice how much you spend on salad dressings, gourmet coffee or other common purchases that you might not pay attention to? This holiday season, frugal is the name of the game. By making your own salad dressings, coffee and even buttermilk, you can save money by investing just a few spare minutes... Read more »

Power Lunch: Get All Your Fruits and Veggies in One Salad!

If you’re like most people, getting enough fruits and especially veggies can feel almost impossible. Though it’s best to get fresh produce with each meal, if you’re short on nutrients or time, you can fit them all into one salad to have for lunch or dinner. If you don’t like any of these veggies or... Read more »

Simplify Your Diet: 10 Super Foods to Eat Every Day!

In a world of infinite food choices, it can be an overwhelming experience just to step out your front door and come up with a proper course of action for the day. Pack on about a million restaurants and trillions of calories at our fingertips, and it’s sometimes easy to forget how to eat well.... Read more »

What's For Lunch: Healthy Cobb Salad!

Pop into any American restaurant at lunch, and you can probably order a Cobb salad. But, if you’re like me, you are always asking for things to be left off or substituted, and Cobb salads are always too salty for my liking. The next time you are craving a healthy Cobb, make it at home,... Read more »