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Cafeteria Overhaul: Get Healthy At School!

One of our missions in Chicago is to start redefining the cafeteria lunch. As a kid, standing in line on the rare days I didn’t have my brown bag in hand, I remember thinking, “Where are all the fruits and veggies?” Though I indulged in sweets and Lunchables were often a staple in that brown... Read more »

10 Minute Flourless Cookies!

Playing on a recipe for almond butter cookies, I decided to substitute chunky natural peanut butter and sprinkle in some oats instead. Baking in 10 minutes, I served them to a friend, and she immediately said: “You should sell these! Seriously.” Perhaps the easiest cookies I’ve ever made (and with no flour), the batter consists... Read more »

What's For Dessert: Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

As Thanksgiving approaches, and appetites will soar, why not “treat” yourself with a healthy dessert that won’t destroy all of your hard work in the gym (yes, I am pretending you go to the gym)? These sweet, decadent treats only have 110 calories per cookie, 8 grams of healthy fat, just 3 grams of sugar,... Read more »

What's For Dessert: Healthy Peanut Butter Pie!

Who doesn’t love peanut butter pie? Growing up, I would eat it on occasion at restaurants and literally swoon in ecstasy. Peanut butter! Graham cracker crust! A rich, creamy texture! All rolled into one pie?! However, it’s no surprise that these pies are laden with fat and calories and are also high in cholesterol. Skimming... Read more »