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More Delicious Than The Royal Wedding: Chocolate Cherry Granola!

Let cool slightly and mix in chocolate and cherries. Enjoy!
As I woke this morning at the crack of dawn to train a client, I caught a brief glimpse of the royal couple making their way from the ceremony. A million fans lurched in the London streets as I poured myself a cup of coffee and helped myself to a heaping bowl of freshly made... Read more »

What's For Breakfast: Granola Biscuits!

You had me at biscuits. And granola. Combine the two, and I’ve found my new breakfast for life. The book The Complete Guide To Vegan Substitutions has come to the rescue again. Perusing through, I stumbled upon this glorious concoction and must share it here.  These biscuits manage to be flaky and buttery without actually... Read more »

What's For Breakfast: Cashew French Toast!

If I could start each day with a heaping plate of French toast I would. There’s something about biting into a thick slice of savory bread with that decadent crunch, each slice coated with all sorts of goodness, that just makes winter suddenly better. While traditional French toast uses eggs, this recipe is completely vegan... Read more »

Kill Cravings With Zucchini!

Today, as I stepped outside to train my first client, I let the brisk air awaken me to yet another beautiful day. One hour of torturing my friend and I was back inside to tackle my own workout, consisting of shoulders/core/hamstrings. At home, a whole foods protein shake downed, I am ready to continue my... Read more »

The Power of Hemp!

Yesterday morning, I opened my eyes to a darkened apartment. I fumbled for the clock, making out the time: 6:24a.m. I sprang from bed with all the fervor of a child and quickly plugged in the Christmas tree. I could make out the distinct snowflakes drifting over the quiet streets, already having covered our balcony... Read more »

Want to Get Healthy? Ask These Questions and Make a Plan!

Last night, as the snow drifted and never quite seemed to land, I relished the quiet solitude from my window… I could see the various Christmas trees across the street in the closest high rise and hear car tires scraping through thick, fresh ice on the street below. It is the week of Christmas, and... Read more »

Pizza 2 Ways: For Breakfast and Dessert!

Pizza is one of my great loves. Every Friday night, Alex and I order 2 margherita pizzas from Coal Fire Pizza (if you haven’t tried it, go immediately) and moan in ecstasy as the thin crust, the fresh smattering of cheese, tomato sauce and basil explode in the perfect flavor combinations with every single bite. The... Read more »

From Animals to Plants: The Tale of a Recovering Meat Addict

8:11a.m. Sunday. Driving to the Bongo Room to meet a friend for breakfast, I pondered what I might eat. Recently having decided to return to my vegan ways, I realize the limitations I am putting on myself in the great food mecca of Chi-town. Should I break my newfound vow and eat eggs? Should I... Read more »

Healthy Pancakes 3 Ways!

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Spoiled by my mother’s own cinnamon buttermilk pancakes as a child, I have since been searching for healthy recipes that taste just as good as the real thing. By switching the milk, flour and buttermilk for healthier versions, you can slash calories and fat without sacrificing taste or flavor. Instead of... Read more »

Warm Holiday Breakfast: Soy Nog Bulgur!

When you are in the mood for something warm and decadent in the morning, but you don’t feel like oatmeal or cereal, opt for this filling breakfast instead. Bulgur, which is made from precooked wheat berries, has more fiber and nutrients than rice and is low on the glycemic food index. Often used in savory... Read more »