Kill Night Cravings With 5 Healthy Treats!


It never fails that after dinner, I want something else to eat. It used to be something sweet. Now, instead of being content watching a movie and sipping on ginger tea (which I do regularly), my rebellion rears its ugly head. Alex and I play a game: "I want a big heaping bowl of pasta," he says. "I want a huge milkshake," I retort. "Yeah? Well, I want a deep dish pizza." On and on we go, playing this imaginary binge game. We will take turns moaning and then figure out what it is we can eat that won't make us feel like crap or ruin our healthy day. Usually, an orange or apple, neatly sliced, will do the trick, but sometimes, no matter your intentions, you just want something decadent. The trick is to find something that is truly satisfying that isn't junk food. Below are 5 common cravings and how to quell them using slightly healthier versions.
If you are craving something sweet, aim for a piece of fruit first. And while fruit is a great option, it's still loaded with simple sugars, which usually fuels your body for activity. If you're just going to be sedentary, these health foods will be stored as fat (much like any food you eat that won't be burned). So, make sure when you're hungry, you're really hungry and not just bored. Chew some gum or make some tea and see if the craving passes. If it doesn't, indulge in one of these healthier treats below. Happy snacking!
If you're craving CEREAL, try: CASCADIAN FARMS
While there's no healthy cereal, there are healthier brands than others. Check out the healthier aisles in the grocery store. Look for a higher fiber content, lower sugar and not too many ingredients. Top with fresh berries and some hemp milk for a decent snack at night. 
A square of dark chocolate usually takes the edge off, but if one just won't do, make a decadent chocolate panini or our 10 minute flourless cookies. 
If you're craving ICE CREAM, try: FROZEN GREEK YOGURT
Pop your favorite flavor of greek yogurt into the freezer. Mix in some cocoa powder or fresh fruit after 20 minutes and enjoy a creamy, frozen treat that will quell your craving for ice cream. 
If you're craving PIZZA, try: AMY'S PIZZA
While Amy's pizza isn't the healthiest, it is cheeseless, has decadent crust and is loaded with roasted veggies. Trust me, this one will become a staple when you have the craving for Papa John's. 
Zucchini pasta mimics the taste of pasta, for a fraction of the calories and carbs. Toss with some olive oil, pumpkin seeds and tomatoes and you have a nice, healthy treat. Want more comfort food? Try a toned down version of mac and cheese. 


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