Road Trip Food


Who doesn't love taking a road trip from time to time? As
Alex and I just drove 14 hours (to and from our destination), we made sure we
were armed with snacks. Even so, there's something about being in a car that
"snacks" just won't satisfy. We wanted something substantial to eat,
but didn't want to stop for a full meal.

It seems like the minute you embark on the road, with your
music and sunglasses and good conversation, all healthy food options fall to
the wayside. As we headed further south, all the KFCs, McDonald's and Wendy's
added up, leaving us hungry and refusing to stop at a fast food chain. Our
healthiest option? Subway. However, if America's idea of "healthy" is
6 to 12 inches of bread, salty deli meat and some wilty veggies, then we still
have a long way to go. I began to have daydreams of little salad huts, where
they have fresh veggies, good, lean proteins and tons of steamed veggies. Why
don't these places exist??

So, if you're trying to watch what you eat, what are you
supposed to do on a road trip? Pack food!! All it takes is a little prep time,
and you're good to go. You want to try and eat normally (every 3 hours), so if
you're in the car for 7 or 8 hours, you only really have to eat twice. Here are
some ideas to pack:




Dried apricots

Unsalted nuts or a healthy trail mix


Chicken or tuna salad

Stacy's pita chips (or maybe not, as these are incredibly
addictive and when you have a bag of something, it's easy to devour the whole


Protein powder in a shaker bottle

These foods are easy to pack and easy to eat in the car. If
you do stop to eat, try and make healthier choices. As some fast food
restaurants are now serving salads, make sure you order the salad without bacon
or cheese and get the dressing on the side.

Safe travels!


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