Classic Soul Music Hits! is ChicagoNow.com's newest entry to offering an entertaining and historical perspective into Chicago's soulful music culture.

Chicago is traditionally known for pioneering the blues genre with the city's historically based Chess Records music publishing company.  And world renown blues giant Muddy Waters made Chicago its home from 1954 to 1973 before moving to the city's suburbs.

But Chicago is also known for giving birth to some of today's most recognized R&B pioneers. Earth Wind and Fire, The Emotions, Chaka Khan and Don Cornelius are just a few of the artists born and raised in Chicago.

Today these musical talents are joined by new R&B artists like Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly who also pay homage to Chicago's influence to their musical success.

Classic Soul Music Hits! will feature many of these artists and update readers with their tour information, new music recordings and scheduled Chicago appearances as well as provide trending stories in arts and entertainment.