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Comedian Tyler Boeh releases debut CD on Itunes - Exclusive

Comedian Tyler Boeh releases debut CD on Itunes - Exclusive
Rising stand up extraordinaire Tyler Boeh recently released his debut album “Carpool Companion” on iTunes and On the album you can hear Boeh cover all sorts of ground from what it was like being a “98 pound weakling with a lazy eye” as a high school freshman, to how utterly humiliating it would be to have a Good Will... Read more »

More Comedy at the Congress

File this under “Tooting your own horn.” When I became the Comedy Talent Coordinator for the Congress Theater back in late September, I knew it was an incredible opportunity and I was also very mindful of the challenges that would arise in booking monthly Comedy shows at a venue that has only had a few... Read more »

Comedy at the Congress

The new Comedy shows at the Congress Theater have been very exciting and there is certainly more where that came from. Since this new batch of Comedy at the Congress Theater started on Thursday October 28th,  there have been big lineups and of course, bigger crowds.  On October 28th the Congress  Theater started having a... Read more »