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Exclusive interview with comedian Scott Long

If you’re a football fan, you’ve probably seen Fox NFL Sunday’s pregame show, and you’ve most likely seen the Frank’s Picks segment where comedian Frank Caliendo has impersonated people from John Madden to President George W. Bush.  If you’ve been left in hysterics watching these sketches, you should be aware of all the talent that... Read more »

Taste of Chicago - Sneak Peek at the Menu This year the Taste will be serving:  Abbey Pub Beggars Pizza Home Run Inn Pizza Lou Malnati’s Sweet Baby Ray’s at least a dozen cold-blooded murders and much more! 

Just for Laughs exclusive - Dave Attell interview Part 2 CAC: One of the things you do incredibly well is that you have these trademark comparisons, for example, the night I saw you in the Cellar you made a comparison with a guy in the crowd who walked by with his friend and said, “Oh look, a male model, and the guy that does... Read more »

Just for Laughs exclusive - Dave Attell Interview×291.jpg There are very few people who have made me love Comedy and inspired me to be a comedian as much as Dave Attell.  I remember Watching Tough Crowd and Insomniac as a teenager and being awestruck by how raw and constantly hilarious the man is.   It’s been several years since those shows were on,... Read more »

More Comedy at the Congress

File this under “Tooting your own horn.” When I became the Comedy Talent Coordinator for the Congress Theater back in late September, I knew it was an incredible opportunity and I was also very mindful of the challenges that would arise in booking monthly Comedy shows at a venue that has only had a few... Read more »

WGN's "Chicago's Next Big Comic" Finals

Hello elegant Chicago Now readers, I want to say thank you to everyone who read my last blog and to everyone who voted for me in WGN’s “Chicago’s Next Big Comic” contest.  I made the final 4!   I will be on WGN Morning News Wednesday morning.  Not sure when exactly, but I was told... Read more »

WGN's "Chicago's Next Big Comic" Contest

Hello classy Chicago Now readers.   Here’s the deal: WGN is having the “Chicago’s Next Big Comic” contest.  Being a Chicago comic, winning this contest would help me out a lot.  I would really appreciate your vote.  I can assure you I work very hard and love Comedy more than anyone you know.   All... Read more »

Live Stand up Comedy DVD Taping

Blog and Comedy fans, I will be taping my first stand up comedy DVD titled “Honest Sarcasm” Thursday October 14th, 7:30 pm at the Gorilla Tango Theater (1919 N Milwaukee Ave).  As a bonus, we have some of the best comics in the city performing that night as well.  The show will be hosted by... Read more »

Hello New York

Two days after working on the movie I flew to New York for vacation and some stand up.  It will forever be one of the best trips I have been on.   Upon arriving New York, I realized that it differed from Chicago in the following ways: *Although New York has far more buildings than... Read more »