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Artie Lange - Exclusive Interview

Artie Lange - Exclusive Interview
Many people know him from Mad TV and the Cult Classic film Dirty Work, more people know him as the “fiiiyaa”-breathing third chair on the Howard Stern Show from 2001 – 2009, and, unfortunately, a lot of people know that he made an attempt to take his own life in early January of 2010 after years of drug and alcohol abuse.... Read more »

More Comedy at the Congress

File this under “Tooting your own horn.” When I became the Comedy Talent Coordinator for the Congress Theater back in late September, I knew it was an incredible opportunity and I was also very mindful of the challenges that would arise in booking monthly Comedy shows at a venue that has only had a few... Read more »

Comedy at the Congress

The new Comedy shows at the Congress Theater have been very exciting and there is certainly more where that came from. Since this new batch of Comedy at the Congress Theater started on Thursday October 28th,  there have been big lineups and of course, bigger crowds.  On October 28th the Congress  Theater started having a... Read more »

Comedy at the Congress Theater

The Congress Theater, located in Bucktown (2135 N Milwaukee Ave), has made serious efforts to insure it will be a great venue to see groundbreaking comedy at.   Starting Thursday, October 28th at 7:30 PM, the Congress will run a couple live comedy shows a month.  These will not be your standard comedy shows; they... Read more »