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Comedian Tyler Boeh releases debut CD on Itunes - Exclusive

Comedian Tyler Boeh releases debut CD on Itunes - Exclusive
Rising stand up extraordinaire Tyler Boeh recently released his debut album “Carpool Companion” on iTunes and Amazon.com. On the album you can hear Boeh cover all sorts of ground from what it was like being a “98 pound weakling with a lazy eye” as a high school freshman, to how utterly humiliating it would be to have a Good Will... Read more »

Q&A with Louie C.K.!

Q&A with Louie C.K.!
There’s no doubt that today’s most celebrated stand up comedian is Louie C. K. Louie’s hard-hitting, dark, and brutally honest show Louie on FX connects with many viewers across the country. A few years before the FX series, Louie took an innovative approach to the standard sitcom. His predominantly uncensored show Lucky Louie hit with his... Read more »

Just for Laughs exclusive - Bill Burr interview

With one of the most well-received comedy specials in the past decade, a short film that was critically acclaimed after being screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, and the Boston Bruins a win away from the Stanley Cup, Bill Burr is on fire.   Originally from the “safe suburbs” of Boston, Burr had a supporting... Read more »

Just for Laughs exclusive - Jim Norton interview

                                http://siriusbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/jim-norton.jpg Very few comics are as raw and honest as Jim Norton.  The level of personal transparency in Jim’s act allows audiences to see the darkest corners of his soul.  He simply leaves it all onstage.  Dubbed the “third mic”... Read more »

Hello New York

Two days after working on the movie I flew to New York for vacation and some stand up.  It will forever be one of the best trips I have been on.   Upon arriving New York, I realized that it differed from Chicago in the following ways: *Although New York has far more buildings than... Read more »