Heartbeat of Home finds a home in Chicago

Heartbeat of Home made its US premiere to a packed house at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago Wednesday night. After a captivating opening night performance, it's clear Heartbeat of Home has found a very welcoming home in Chicago.

From the producers of Riverdance, Heartbeat of Home evolves traditional Irish dancing to the next level. Through a cultural variety of music, vocals, and world-class dancers from Ireland, the USA, Australia, Britain, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and Spain, the show is a melting pot of talent.

Although the evolution from traditional Irish dancing and music within Heartbeat of Home perhaps wasn't as gradual as it should have been, and the multi-culutral aspect sometimes felt a bit forced, the show is a can't miss.

Aside from a brilliant mix of musicians, dancers, and singers, Heartbeat of Home succeeded more than most shows do in its set and costuming. The extraordinary images and sequences generated on the back drop/LED screen paired wonderfully with not only the incredibly unique costumes, but with the music and story as well.

Heartbeat of Home is a great change of pace from the traditional Broadway play or musical. Because of its incredible variety and the talent level of the performers (dancers, musicians, and vocalists), this one is a can't miss.

Scott King is a contributing writer for the Wall Street Journal and RedEye Chicago. @ScottKingMedia on Twitter. 

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