Despite Controversy, GSP Should Have Won

Despite Controversy, GSP Should Have Won

There seemed to be a world of controversy stemming from the Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks UFC 167 main event on Saturday evening at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. UFC President Dana white, followed by many fans and a majority of the media soon after, began blasting the judges from Saturday night for getting one of the biggest fights in UFC history wrong.

It seems like the entire world is under the impression that Johny Hendricks should be the new Welterweight champion. GSP certainly didn't make things easier for the fans' perception of the fight, claiming he may be taking a long break from the UFC immediately following the bout.

Despite St-Pierre speaking candidly about personal problems he's having after the fight and at the post-fight press conference, watching the fight cage-side I did think he won fair and square. I thought GSP out-wrestled Johny Hendricks the majority of the fight (especially in the early rounds) and even landed more strikes than Hendricks. Hendricks didn't throw St-Pierre around the way he was supposed to with his top notch wrestling, nor did he land the big knockout punch everyone had predicted.

It seems that MMA fans put so much stock in Hendricks and his wrestling and power-punching pummeling GSP that they had to cry foul when he came up short, or face the harsh reality that they were wrong. GSP stood toe to toe with the guy who was supposed to bring him down and out-wrestled and out-hit big, bad Johny Hendricks. A few of Hendricks' shots did some noticeable damage, but he got out-hit.

Have judges screwed up a plethora of decisions in UFC fights? Of course, but this wasn't one of them. The judge who had Hendricks winning the fight had Hendricks winning round 1, otherwise he scored the fight exactly how the other judges did.

Yes, Dana White was angry with the judges. Dana is also an incredibly great promoter. He seemed more outraged that GSP wanted to take time off than with the decision. This is a rematch he desperately wants to see for the UFC, as he should.

You know what they say... "Don't leave it in the judges' hands" and "You have to take the belt away from the champ." Due to all the controversy, it's being overlooked that with this win, GSP set a new record for wins in the UFC with 19. St-Pierre not only deserved the win over Hendricks, but deserves a lot of respect for all he has accomplished in and done for the UFC in his near decade long MMA career.

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