Media Makes Excuses for Capitol Hill Suspect Miriam Carey

Media Makes Excuses for Capitol Hill Suspect Miriam Carey

As if it's not bad enough the media parades psychopaths' names and photos all over the place after tragedies as if they won the Super Bowl, they are now making excuses for the Capitol Suspect Miriam Carey. Luckily, Carey's infant was unharmed and she was unable to take the life of anyone at the scenes of her rampage Thursday.

It's incredibly unfortunate that Miriam Carey died yesterday as a result of her trying to drive through a White House checkpoint and the Capitol. It is disgusting that the media is now running headlines and stories focusing on Carey's alleged post-partum depression and other possible mental illnesses as if that excuses her behavior.

Post-partum depression! Yeah you remember the time your mom suffered post-partum depression and drove the mini van through the mall and didn't surrender till Orange Julius named her "employee of the month" right!? It's so common to act like that if you suffer from post-partum depression. No problemo!

Every mass shooting suspect the past couple decades has been a little sad, should the police grab them a Frappuccino and let them get it out of their system???

We obviously have a serious mental health issue in our country, but when highly threatening actions are being committed, the police have no choice but to act to save lives. How sickening would it be if before a mass shooting suspect could act police took him out then were crucified for doing so?

Not only is the media's clear motive to excuse Miriam Carey's terrorist-like behavior with such reporting, but they are also launching a crusade against the police officers who felt they had no choice but to take her life.

The police acted the way they did not only because she was using her vehicle as a weapon at highly secure locations, but to save the life of her infant. Also, it's clear that as she refused to stop her car, the officers themselves felt threatened.

And as Miriam Carey was doing 80 on Capitol Hill she could have easily taken the lives of innocent bystanders. Another tragedy possibly involving a suspect with a mental illness, but her actions were incredibly life-threatening and the police did their job, sorry media.

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