Flashdance Chicago - Hotter than Hot

Flashdance Chicago - Hotter than Hot

In seeing the Flashdance Chicago opening night production, I can tell you the 80's are back in Chicago and they're sexier than ever. The Cadillac Palace Theater is showing Flashdance through August 18th. TICKETS

Jillian Mueller, who resembles the film's star Jennifer Beals, could not have had a stronger performance as the main character Alex Jones.

The Flashdance Chicago production mostly mirrors the plot of the film as the lovable, but rough around the edges Jones strives the get into the prestigious Shipley ballet  school. She works at a Philly steel mill and dances at a local club while pursuing her dream.


Mueller's acting, singing, and dancing were flawless. I don't remember the last time I saw a stronger opening night performance.

Something that is often missing in most musicals, but certainly not this one, is a believable chemistry between the leading man and woman. The sparks between Alex Jones and her love interest Nick Hurley (Matthew Hydzik), were as fiery as the dancing and overall sex appeal of the entire show.

5_Jillian_Mueller_as_Alex_Owens_Matthew_Hydzik_ as_Nick_Hurl

Dequina Moore shined and often stole scenes as Kiki, a fellow dancer of Alex. Her dancing and incredibly powerful voice were as strong as any in the show.


The steamy dancing and costumes were another element that separates this musical from the rest. The complexity and success of each dance number keeps your brain from asking, "Are they showing too much skin?"

The Flashdance Chicago production is a must see for all ages.


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