Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October: Interview

Tuesday and Wednesday at Chicago's Mayne Stage, Justin Furstenfeld, lead singer of Blue October, took the stage for his solo Open Book tour. Those in attendance at the beautifully intimate and unique Chicago venue got a one of a kind show they will never forget.

The audience soon learned that a Blue October concert and a show with Justin Furstenfeld are two different animals. Furstenfeld read passages from his book Crazy Makingplayfully answered some questions from the audience, and played acoustic versions of songs that seemed to have the most meaning in his life, most of which were fan favorites.

The Open Book tour is a can't miss for Blue October fans. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Justin Furstenfeld not only perform by himself, but to hear the remarkable stories and events, such as overcoming substance abuse and a nasty divorce, that went into the creation of the band's music.

It's hard to decide if the best part of the show was the insight on Furstenfeld's song writing, or his commanding vocal range.

In an interview before Tuesday's show, Justin explained the Open Book tour to me:

The Open Book tour is more about the book and the story of where I've gone and where I've been and where I'm at today. So the structure of the show is pretty simple because each chapter is an album. I'll start with the Answers album and work my way up. Just show people how certain songs were written, why certain songs were written, the stories behind them. [It] leads to where I am today, this amazing place, and how I got here. 

Full interview below

To see where Justin Furstenfeld will perform the Open Book tour next check out the site.

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