Catch IT If You Can

Catch Me If You Can, the musical based on the autobiography of famed con man Frank Abagnale Jr. and reminiscent of the instant classic film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, opened in Chicago last Thursday. The play is currently running at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. TICKETS

The play captured several nuances from the movie and the book, such as the Yankee's pinstripes metaphor and the flirtatious manner in which Frank Jr. conned women, but it did it's best to present the story with originality. Abagnale had an amazing life full of adventure, and the play was able to squeeze in the highlights with a seamless flow that made the musical seem neither too long or too short.

An interesting set choice was to have the orchestra visible for about half the show in the background of the different settings. This gave the show a Vegas feel to it.

The ensemble, as well as the costumes and set design yield a chic sexiness to the show unmatched by any other currently running. Although the music may not be on par with classic Broadway smash hits, all other components of the show more than make up for it.

Stephen Anthony (Frank Abagnale Jr.) often dazzled the audience when hitting high notes through out the show. His vocal range was one of the stand out elements of the show. He was also able to put a unique spin on Frank's boyish charm by pairing it with a mischievous dishonesty.

Another notable cast member was Caitlin Maloney, who often stole the show as Paula, Frank's mother. Maloney portrayed Paula with a sophisticated elegance that seemed to effortlessly match the play's overall tone.

The relationship between Frank and Carl Hanratty, played by Merritt David Jones, matched the significance of the book and film. As with the book and film, this relationship is what drove the story, so it needed to work in the play as well. Perhaps the musical's rendition of the two foes turned friends was even more chummy and comical than the other two projects, which succeeded in the play.

I recommend you catch it if you can.

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