Top 7 Funniest Comedians

I grew up not only watching as much comedy as I could, but also analyzing it. It started with SNL, then Rodney Dangerfield, Seinfeld, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, countless comedy specials, late night shows, roasts, Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony... the list goes on and on.

Once I loved a new comedian or a new bit, I would try to figure out why I did. This process was what made me want to become a comedian. It's been an incredible bonus getting to interview many of the best in the business.

Being a stand up, and interviewing  many top comics, people often ask me who my favorites are, and who I think is the funniest. I thought I would not only tell you, but show you who I think is the funniest and why. IN MY OPINION, and realizing comedy is a subjective art form, here's the funniest comics in the world:

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