Broadway in Chicago Review: I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy, currently playing at the Broadway Playhouse in Water Tower Place, takes you back in time to the taping of two episodes of the timeless show. A lot of credit goes to the actors as this show involves acting within acting. Buy Tickets

Not only do the actors pull off Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel, capturing all their signature mannerisms and quirks, but they also have to portray them taping two episodes of the show. Sirena Irwin of course steals the show as Lucy.

The play successfully acts as a time machine, taking the audience to the set of I Love Lucy. Aside from the producers, camera men, and stage hands running around, the audience warm up character, played by Ed Cross, is as strong as anyone portraying the actual I Love Lucy cast. His interaction with the crowd and intent to help move the show along come off as incredibly genuine.

The costumes, historical references, and commercial jingles are also instrumental in pulling off the time travel effect.

The best part of the show, for me, was when the taping of the first episode began. After you're brought back in time and explained your role as an I Love Lucy audience member, the lights go dark for a moment, then go on. As the stage is lit, your brain does a double take, wondering if you are actually inside a television.

The first revealing of the cast and set is almost overwhelming, as they look exactly like what you saw on television many times before.

The final performance of I Love Lucy in Chicago is April, 7th. So grab your tickets and go see it while you can.

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