Eric Andre - Exclusive Interview

Eric Andre - Exclusive Interview
Eric Andre performing in the Just for Laughs Chicago comedy festival - Scott King Photography

Comedian Eric Andre has appeared in the film the Invention of Lying and on also on the popular ABC sitcom Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23. Recently, he launched his series the Eric Andre Show on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. This past weekend Eric was in town for the Just for Laughs Chicago comedy festival and sat down with me to discuss his new show, performing in Chicago, and much more.

As Eric sits down to be interviewed he goes through the gift bag he was given for the festival:

(Pulls out flip flops) These need more bling on them. (Takes out a t-shirt) I already have a t-shirt! These people are crazy. (Realizing the flip flops are not his size) What size shoe are you?


Ah, these are 11 1/2's.

Back in 2010's festival you were opening for the Conan Writer's at the Bank of America Theater, now you're one of the main attractions. What happened in between that time?

I got a job. They actually started giving me money for this. I sold a show to Adult Swim, I was working on it for years. I made a demo reel in 2009, we shot it, took me a year to edit it, we got it into Cartoon Network's hands Thanksgiving of 2010, shot the pilot in May 2011. Then I had to do Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, then we finally started shooting in February. It took a while.

How are you enjoying Chicago so far?

I love it here. I love Chicago. Especially in the summertime, I've actually only been here in the summertime, I love it. I drank Malort last night. You ever drink that stuff? It's awful. F**king disgusting, man.

What's it like working with Hannibal Buress on The Eric Andre Show?

The majority of stuff you see on camera comes from Hannibal and I riffing. There's a structure. I did a majority of the writing, we had a week of creative consulting where we got like eight writers together and brainstormed ideas. They helped tremendously. They came up with ideas for a lot of the bits. All the scripts we'd come up with, especially when it's me and Hannibal, were just guidelines. The best stuff comes out of heat of the moment improv and stuff like that, especially when the guests are there.

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