Movember remembered

Movember remembered

This was the first year I decided to participate in Movember. I was just sitting around without a sweet mustache and was inspired by several pro hockey players and fantastic charity organizations who joined the cause, such as Hockey Players 4 Kids, to make a difference by growing my own face catepillar.

(Pictures below and above were taken at the Movember Ball at the Hard Rock Chicago on 12.01.11)


My goal was to raise $300 and with the help of generous friends, family, and perhaps a few strangers, I was able to surpass that and raised $370. I was happy to reach my own personal goal and help raise funds for charity, but when I later realized what Movember had accomplished, I was speechless. Just to give you an idea, when the mustache growing concluded and donations were tallied, Movember raised almost 100 MILLION dollars to help fight prostate cancer ($99,463,363 to be exact). This was reached by donations from many countries including over 13.25 million in the US and over 36 million in Canada.  Movember is one of the greatest charity organizations and movements I've seen in my lifetime, and it was an honor to be a very small part of it.


My girlfriend Nora (a Mo Sista) and I set to close out November at the Movember Ball at the Hardrock downtown Chicago on Friday night, Dec. 1st. Along with fantastic decorations and drinks, the Mo Angels were posing for pics, and we were able to make a sweet flip book for free!


There were some struggles along the way of my Mo Journey. I realized that it's often a sad world for a man with a mustache. The weekly smiles I would gather from unassuming strangers rapidly dwindled. The people working registers at convenient stores and in shopping malls couldn't bare to look at me, let alone make small talk. Forced elevator conversation in my building was a rare treat before, and now it was an absurd impossibility. Even my significant other couldn't help but see a stranger where her special man used to be. I was proud of the thick, full man-stache I was growing, but  why wasn't the rest of the world? Was it due to the Penn State and Syracuse child molestation scandals? Or am I just a dude who doesn't look good with a stache? I honestly think it's a combination of the two. Parents were on guard for creeps and I fit the description, but I think I'm just not a mustache guy. I don't have the frame and personality for a stache. Mustaches belong on Chicago Policemen or Chicago Firefighters, not on a blogger/comedian. For example, look below at my girlfriend's dad's stache. It's so perfect that it seems to blend into his face, a true mustache man. Every uncomfortable moment was worth raising funds to help the Movember movement and I hope more and more people join the fight against prostate cancer every year.

Mr Shader

All in all, it was great to be part of the charitable phenomenon that was Movember. Thank you to everyone who helped this fanatstic cause by donating. Who knows, maybe my stache will return one day to say hello and scare some nervous parents.


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  • Great article, Scott. Thanks for raising for a charity that could affect me or a loved-one someday.

  • Thanks for reading, dude. I was just a very small part of something awesome.

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    Hi - this is Linda, owner of KC FLIPBOOKS. We were doing the custom flipbooks at the Movember gala. Toms Shoes brought us in to support this event in a fun way. We are so glad that you enjoyed doing a flipbook. We are proud to be associated with such a worthy cause.

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