Bill Bailey - Review

Bill Bailey - Review

While sitting in the not too close, but certainly not too far third row center of the beautiful House of Blues in Chicago this past Sunday as a result of comp tickets, it hit me, I need to use my blog for more perks.

After interviewing Bill Bailey two weeks ago, I was very excited to see his show. During the interview he conducted himself as a highly intelligent lover of music and comedy. During his show, he conducted himself as a highly intelligent master of music and comedy. Bill begins his show with a surprisingly superior stand up set. I didn't expect him to have such good stand up chops due to his vast musical talent and use of many instruments, but his stand up was as charismatic and funny as the music or videos during the show.

There were several hundred people at the show which was a decent size for the venue and Bailey keep us all on the edge of our seats in the cozy environment, before and after the intermission.

The instruments Bill played ranged from the keyboard to different types of guitars and foreign string instruments, to the very memorable bike horns. It was with the bike horns that Bailey played such rock classics as Metallica's "Enter Sandman (see video above)."

Bailey immediately had the crowd by apologizing for the BP oil spill on behalf of his homeland. He went on to identify with the Chicagoans by describing observations he made during the Chicago Architecture Tour he went on earlier that day.

Bailey's visual aids played a big role in the show as well. Whether it was taking an in-depth, interactive look at different art work displaying Christ's wounds or Bailey's short film with himself and a tall house plant on the beach, the visual aids got some of the biggest laughs in the show. Bill's techno rendition of "Hallelujah" also left the intimate crowd in hysterics.

Bailey and Us

After myself and my girlfriend Nora (pictured with Bill and I above) got done having a great conversation with Bill backstage about comedy and music after the show, it was noteworthy to see that fans that had asked and waited to meet Bill were given that privilege. It's rare to see entertainers take great joy in mingling with their fans after shows.


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