Norm MacDonald's 11 Greatest Moments

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Norm MacDonald is a true comic genius.  After working at SNL and appearing in the cult classic Dirty Work, Norm continued to appear in films and tv shows, but also spent a lot of time performing at clubs, colleges, and theaters all over the US and Canada.  If you failed to see him live, you missed witty, sarcastic, and off the wall comedy at its best.  
Don't hate yourself too much because you will be able to enjoy the comedy stylings of Norm MacDonald this Saturday, March 26th during the premiere of his one hour special "Me Doing Stand-Up" on Comedy Central at 10:30 PM Central.  Norm also has a new show coming to Comedy Central, "Sports Show with Norm MacDonald," starting April 12th.  
In anticipation of Norm's new ventures in show business, I present the 11 greatest moments from his career in TV and film according to me:
11.  Norm's Appearance on the Larry Sanders Show

The Larry Sanders Show is one of the most respected comedy series of all time and Norm had a great appearance on the show, telling a killer bit about a homeless man and his dog then nailing the dialogue.
10. Norm on Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller stated that Norm was his favorite guest to have on every year and this clip about Norm doing gay jokes in San Francisco that didn't go over well is priceless.  

9. The White House Correspondence Dinner

It's a high honor for any comedian to be asked to perform at the White House Correspondence Dinner and Norm rose to the occasion.  
8. Norm tells the "Moth Joke" on Conan's Tonight Show

Norm relishes in telling really old jokes.  Another great reason to see him live.  
7. the Saget Roast
The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget
Norm Macdonald
Jokes The Comedy Awards The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump

Norm has a self proclaimed love for bombing.  When hearing the jokes he wrote for the roast it's clear that's what he set out to do.  You can see the people who know this about Norm crack up as he explains each joke after it's delivery.  

6. Norm talks being fired from SNL on Letterman

Here Norm chose not to bad mouth Don Ohlmeyer who fired him from SNL, but was still hilarious.  
5. Norm's Impression of Letterman on SNL

Who knew Norm had such a good Letterman up his sleeve.  "Ya got any gum?"
4. Dirty Work Jail Scene

There are many great scenes and lines from Dirty Work, but this is perhaps the most memorable as Norm explores the real problem with jail rape.
3. Norm as Quentin Tarantino on SNL

An amazingly ridiculous impression.
2. Norm rips Carrot Top movie on Conan

Norm was frequently a scheduled guest on Late Night w/ Conan and he also filled in a lot because Conan's studio and the SNL studio were in the same building and if a scheduled guest failed to appear they knew they could count on Norm to deliver.  Here I believe Norm filled in for a guest and Courtney Thorn-Smithe was giving an awfully boring interview and Norm does more than enough to save the segment.  
1. Norm's best OJ joke on Weekend Update

The audio doesn't do this clip justice. In late 1995, this joke possibly got Norm fired from SNL later on. He made many jokes at the expense of wife-murdering OJ Simpson and it did not please OJ's good friend, NBC President Don Ohlmeyer.  Norm was arguably the best anchor to ever sit in the Weekend Update chair and the way he poked fun at a man who so obviously murdered his wife and was getting away with it every week was priceless.  
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Norm was also hilarious at about the 1 hour mark or 3/4 of the way into this episode of my podcast when he did a short interview: Norm on Class Act Comedy

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