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Two days after working on the movie I flew to New York for vacation and some stand up.  It will forever be one of the best trips I have been on.  

Upon arriving New York, I realized that it differed from Chicago in the following ways:
*Although New York has far more buildings than Chicago, Chicago is much cleaner.  A lot of the buildings in New York are older, and more buildings + more people = more homeless.  The world is their toilet.
*I will love the Comedy Clubs in Chicago for the rest of my life, but there aren't enough of them.   New York has more Comedy Clubs and less Hipster Open Mics.  And most of those clubs feature comics fresh from Comedy Central and late night talk shows several times a night.  
*I can't remember if I saw 1 fat person in New York.  We know how it is in Chicago... That's because our pizza is better and we have Italian beefs!
My girlfriend and I took in New York like we were going to the electric chair.  We ate at Carnegie Deli, walked thru Central Park, saw 2 Broadway plays, saw a show at the historic Comedy Cellar, saw a show at Gotham Comedy Club, and I got to do a set at Gotham. 
The highlight of the trip for me was seeing a show at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village.  I knew I was going to see some of my favorite comics that Thursday night at the Cellar (Aug 18th), but I had no idea what that night had in store for me.  
The comics who went up that night included some of my favorites like Jon Fisch, Ted Alexandro, Anthony Jeselnik, and one of my heroes, Dave Attell.  Jon Fisch had also pre-agreed to do an interview for my podcast after the show, but I wasn't sure if that would pan out.  It was incredibly exciting to see these guys do their thing in a room which such great history.  The Comedy Cellar has long had such legendary comics as Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, and Chris Rock as regulars.  
Speaking of Chris Rock, as my girlfriend and I entered the club I saw a picture of Chris and told her I have always wanted to see him live.  Anyways, the show was about half over, I was very pleased to see these guys tell great jokes they've told on TV and even work on some new stuff.  Just then, the MC made a special announcement "Ladies and gentlemen a living legend of comedy, Chris Rockkk."  Everyone in the club went ballistic including us.  My girlfriend looked at me as if I made this happen by making the comment about the picture in the hallway.  
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After we frantically yelled like the soccer mom's of Comedy for several minutes, the shock still didn't go away.  We, the audience just took in one of the biggest names ever in Comedy, enjoying every second.  Right after all the screaming and applause, Chris said, "Lower your expectations..."  That yielded his first big laugh.
It turns out Chris hadn't done stand up in over a year and he was bored because his family was out of town.  He did about twenty minutes, all new stuff, and of course, all killer.   
After the show, as if I didn't have a good enough night, I saw Jon Fisch standing outside the Cellar waiting for me to do the interview.  I introduced myself and we agreed it would be better to conduct the interview in the restaurant directly above the Cellar.  
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The interview with Jon (left) was going incredibly well.  He talked about starting out in Boston, then becoming a regular at the New York Clubs, and even discussed his own podcast, a personal favorite of mine called "In the Tank."  
In the middle of the interview, I heard someone say "Sad fashion."  I looked up to see Mr. Dave Attell (bottom).  Dave greeted Jon and myself then made fun of my podcast saying, "Scott's Podcast, being done in a restaurant.  It's like Comic Con, but without the costumes," all of which can be heard on my podcast.  One of my comic idols was making fun of my homemade podcast, I was a kid and it was Christmas morning.
To hear the podcast with Jon Fisch and Dave Attell (left): Class Act Comedy Podcast with guests Jon Fisch and Dave Attell

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