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Highlighting some of the most fabulous of the City MomItGirls & ItGirls

City MIG has moved to Italy!!!!!

View of Galleria from Duomo square.
Well, it was only a matter of time that CityMIG1 headed overseas for a European adventure. My husband, daughter and I relocated to Milan, Italy so I am happy to announce that I will bring the essence of Italian fashion, style and CityMIG life in Milano straight to you as often as I can. If... Read more »

The worst movie ever: My week with Marilyn

The worst movie ever:  My week with Marilyn
As a generally positive person, I usually only post about things that I can say good things about. But I have just been exposed to the most horrendous of all movies (I reserve the word film for the real thing which this is not). The movie, My Week with Marilyn, is one of the most... Read more »

City MIG Highlight: Camille Britton

City MIG Highlight: Camille Britton
This IT Girl is one of my favorites and I have to start 2012 off right highlighting the upbeat, enterprising and fearless – Camille Britton.  One of my favorite IT Girls in Chicago.  Here’s her take on the city:  Why you’ll never leave the city: Chicago has something for everyone. It has as much fashion,... Read more »

Penn State Call To Action: Protecting our Children from Predator's: The "Hell No!" parent

Penn State Call To Action: Protecting our Children from Predator's: The "Hell No!" parent
Saving Children From Predators:  The Oath of the “Hell No” parent The recent atrocities that have come to light in the Penn State scandal are a reminder to us all about how important it is to protect our nation’s children and do whatever it takes to stop the sexual abuse of children here and around... Read more »

City MIG Spotlight: Ameena Payne

The strong and beautiful Ameena Payne.
Check out this Chicago IG, Ameena Payne.  I first met Ameena through her artwork.  She’s a fantastic artistic whose uses a unique focus for all her art, her own body.  Her images show strength, straightforwardness and optimism, just like Ameena.  Check out her take on the city: Why you’ll never leave the city: I was born... Read more »

City MIG SpotLight: Tessa Wegert

This Canadian native finds everything a MIG can desire in a city full of cultural variety.
City MIG Society is all about highlighting City Moms and It Girls who are living city life to its most.  Check out our SpotLight on Tessa Wegert.  Raising two gorgeous children, writing and enjoying all of Chicago’s cultural offerings – in style.  We asked her about her life in the city: Why you’ll never leave... Read more »
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