About City MIG Society

About City MIG Society
What's is the City MIG Society?

City MIG Society stands for City Mom & It Girl Society.  It's for women in Chicago and around the world who are out there living their lives in the city to the fullest. 

The idea for the blog stemmed for my love and passion of being a mom in the city but also doing all the non-mommy things the city has to offer . Choosing to live in the city to remain in the middle of culture, life, events, shopping, philanthropy - you name it, some of us have chosen to raise our children but still to be true to ourselves and who we want to be. Others are not yet moms but are living it up and having an amazing time in this amazing city.  I find that admirable and the blog serves to celebrate women and the lives and values behind this lifestyle.  

Meet the Blogger: Jennifer Anton

Jennifer is an intensely focused career woman, mother to the sparkling and willful Vivien O and loves to fill her plate with amazing activities in Chicago and around the world with her daughter and uber supportive and handsome husband. 

Always keeping busy with a variety of endeavors and trying out new things to keep her passions outside of work and mommyhood alive, she loves to travel, write, run, dance, watch foreign films and faun over fashion, food and everything fabulous.  

She is committed to city living for life.

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