The worst movie ever: My week with Marilyn

The worst movie ever:  My week with Marilyn
If you dare to watch, have a large glass of wine - it's truly horrible.

As a generally positive person, I usually only post about things that I can say good things about. But I have just been exposed to the most horrendous of all movies (I reserve the word film for the real thing which this is not).
The movie, My Week with Marilyn, is one of the most truly bad movies I have ever seen. Under the guise of being a "true story" it is horribly casted, horribly directed and horribly acted. The only decent actress in the film is Dame Judy Dench and I am so sorry that she has to add this to her resume.
From the boring and pathetic performance of Michelle Williams to the ridiculous playing up of the story line -I am completely appalled.
If you are interested in an utter joke of the times and love looking at Michelle Williams thinking that looking doe-eyed throughout the reel is acting - enjoy.
So completely bad. There are no more words. Horrible.

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