Luna Negra Dance 1 night only: Carmen

Luna Negra Dance 1 night only: Carmen
See Carmen Saturday, March 24th at the Harris Theater.

Everyonce in a while, when things seem like they aren't going your way and you are down, the city of Chicago has a way of showing me something new and making me look at it with a different set of eyes. In doing so, it takes me out of my funk and inspires me. Sometimes it's the color of the sky at night. Other times, it's in the experiences that are hiding behind the office building windows. That is the case I found myself in today.

I had the pleasure of being invited by my good friend Nico Rodriguez to view a tech rehearsal for Luna Negra Dance Company. I had not been exposed to Luna Negra before and so heading up to the offices and rehearsal space at 17 N. State, I could only think that this building housed the Secretary of State offices where I gathered Apostilles. Little did I know that above those grey offices and public servants, lived a vibrant and fearfully strong group of dancers giving everything to perform Gustavo Ramirez Sansano's choreography for Carmen.

I was immediately entranced by the dancers in the company who are equally skilled in dancing and acting. Their performances are not only done with their bodies, but with nuanced facial expressions. At times it was as if I was watching a silent film vs. a ballet. The choreography tells the story of Carmen in a unique way using the choppy feeling that comes from flexed feet and quick movement but seeming to flow into each scene so that the viewer gets the feeling they have been pulled into the performance and are part of it themselves.

I left excited and once again astounded at our city and the talent that lives here.

I encourage you to check out the company and the show which only plays this Saturday March 24th at the Harris Theater. Ticket information here:

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