5 Little Luxuries to enjoy with a glass of wine

5 Little Luxuries to  enjoy with a glass of wine
One Day - Be prepared to cry

The weather is chilly, the snow is falling. Sometimes you feel like cuddling up and staying in. Other times, cabin fever hits and getting out is a must, must, must. Here are a few recos for each that are sure to make you feel utterly lovely no matter how ugly the weather gets.
Staying in - Rent One DaySo I basically love every movie that has subtitles or that Focus Films puts out. This one does not disappoint. Pour a glass of shiraz, snuggle with the hubby and bask in the love story that is One Day. Spoiler alert - it may not be the happy ending of fairytales but Anne Hathaway is nothing short of charming and damn if she doesn't nail a British accent.
Going Out - BistronomicOOOOOh oui, oui, oui. French at its finest. Bistronomic was a culinary joy and can only be described as decadent. My love of French food can only be satified by the likes of the menu at Bistronomic. Chef Martial Noguier not only works the kitchen but also works the room and on a cold night, I highly recommend bellying up to the bar for some mussels, a large glass of fantastic wine and your choice of anything the chef has on special. It's all amazing!
Staying In - Read A Moveable Feast, HemingwayCan't we all be more like Hemingway? Transport yourself into his world and the party that was the 1920's in Paris. Could a time that included Picasso, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Dahli and so many others in Paris be more of an escape from the dreary Chicago winters? Again, some wine + A Moveable Feast is almost as good as transporting yourself there. Plus, if you have or haven't seen Midnight In Paris, A Moveable Feast is the perfect precursor or follow-up to the movie.
Going Out - LM RestaurantGo outside your comfort zone and brave it to the land of Lincoln - no not Park - Square. In the heart of lovely Lincoln Square is the new LM Restaurant. Ex sous chef of Sixteen at Trump serves up French cuisine at this cozy joint. Only problem is, my first glass of wine was the equivalent of a sip. That's not okay. I'll watch it the next time I go but definitely support as it is owned by fellow Lycee Francais parents. Why cook for yourself when you can have a fantastic meal at LM?
One last Go Out - ToccoBruno Abate former owner of Folia in the West Loop now has an enotecca on Milwaukee Avenue. When you get tired of all the French, try some Italian - real Italian at the fantastico trattorria di Bruno - Tocco. Enjoy - the pizza, formaggio and pastas are molto belissimo.

Whether you brave the cold, or stay in, there is something fantastic in front of you this weekend. Try them and tell me if I'm wrong......

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