Joffrey Couture and Cocktails 2011: City MIG Society at play

Joffrey Couture & Cocktails glitters once again!

Attending the Joffrey Couture & Cocktails event is one of my favorite diversions of the fall.  The event is truly like no other.  When I try to describe it to anyone that's never been, the closest description to capture the spirit of the event is to compare it to the cocktail party at Holly Golightly's in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  A mix of artists/dancers/designers and social elite tossed into a fashion forward "scene" and filled to the brim with champagne makes for a damn good party.  You might not see Holly in her curtain dress, long cigarette blazing, but you will see a controlled debacle of dancing, kissing, phototaking, giggling and bidding and it all adds up to the party of the year for a wonderful cause.

This year did not disappoint.  In honor of the featured designer, David Meister, I chose one of his candy pink key hole frocks and prepared to party.  Check out some of Chicago's MIGS and IGS (MomItGirls & ItGirls) in action in the gallery.


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