Bernie Sanders, I Don't Trust You

As much as I love and respect Sarah Silverman, and thought her video in support of Bernie Sanders was tremendous, I have an issue with Bernie.

He's yet to show anything in support of other Democratic candidates.

And, he and his campaign chairman spend as much time trying to tear Hillary Clinton down as they do tying to deliver their message.

Look, Sarah's video really made me think. It's great. I get it. Most of what she said is great. We can all still try to be wealthy assholes even if Bernie gets to be president. Cool. Thanks. People need to hear and believe that.

But, guess what. A President Sanders ain't worth a pile of shit if the campaign doesn't work from the top down. Hey, the Republicans still dominate Congress. Remember? Congress? The Evil Empire.

So, look. If you want me to join the other 6 1/2 million and contribute $27 to Bernie, you better show me he's got some allegiance to the Democratic Party. I already donated to Hillary. I have no problem trying to help Bernie, and I will support him if he's the nominee.

Meanwhile, Senator Sanders, if you want my support you ought to stay on message and get the hell off Secretary Clinton's butt about when you get to debate her. You've got nearly $200 million. Spend it.

But, stop tearing down another Democratic candidate.

Otherwise, I don't trust you.

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