Stop Buying What Drumpf is Selling

Lots of thoughts recently, and life flows quickly past. There is always some great idea for a post, some jewel that I want to share. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to post something from the shower. Might ruin an iPad.

But, speaking of which, I get the whole thing about the criticism of Apple not trying to break into a phone to give the FBI information about the San Bernardino shooters. Yes, we want to stop terrorism and save lives. It wasn't made clear though, that breaking into the phone was going to help with that. Maybe yes, maybe no. You know, every politician, right or left, politicizes situations these days to make their case.

The Right Wing is really great at wanting to protect 2nd Amendment rights, and here goes the argument, because it serves their purpose of protecting civil liberties. Yet, when Apple refuses to bring in a developer to write code that could infringe upon someone's civil liberties down the road, that's not OK. How is that different? People get killed with guns either way. Just asking. We on the left are guilty of that ploy, too, I admit. Politics.

And speaking of that, Drumpf. Yes, I'm just going to refuse to write the guy's real name. Enough already. Every time I have something to say about this person, someone else writes an essay, or he is on television. He's a master of getting attention, and because of such I've veered from writing about his campaign, his tactics, his brutality, his phoniness.

I understand it plenty. Drumpf is no less appealing to his supporters than Bernie Sanders' supporters are to him. Except Bernie Sanders seems like a good guy who really cares about people, who does not insult people, who is not looking to maximize a brand or his own economic opportunity by running for the highest office in our land. If Bernie Sanders does become President, and right now his chances are about as good as Drumpf, I will be proud. And, if he is the Democratic nominee, I most certainly will vote for him. Right now, he is not my number one choice. Hillary Clinton is.

I don't care who you want to vote for, just VOTE! And, don't embarrass yourself, and more importantly, our country, by voting for Drumpf.

The one point I want to leave you with is this. The people who are supporting Drumpf, and I don't know a single person who does, WOULD NOT BUY A STEAK FROM THE GUY!!! Why? Because he's sleaze, and the people who support the guy would not typically buy anything from a person of his wealth or character. They just wouldn't.

So, all I can say to anyone who might care is to stop buying what the guy is selling. Because that's all he is doing. Selling. And, he is a master at it.

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