Not Being Able to Watch the Cubs Can Be Torture



We had tickets last night for a terrific event, part of Chicago Ideas Week, called "The State of the Union." We purchased tickets a few weeks ago, and frankly, I knew full well there could be a conflict with a potential Cubs' playoff game.

The event was everything you would have wanted and expected. A number of great non or bi-partisan discussions about peace and refugees, the economy, the Iran nuke deal, and the 2016 campaign. Very professional, hi-tech, interesting, and well attended. Chicago Ideas Week is really amazing, and if you haven't checked it out, you really should. Just don't try to go to an event when the Cubs are playing. It's torture. chicago-ideas

We planned to go with a another couple, great friends of ours, and my friend's wife, who is so lovely, emailed knowing I would be very conflicted about the game and wrote "Don't worry, we always have a great time together, and we'll be a great consolation prize." I knew she would be absolutely spot on. I just couldn't get myself over the hump.

So, at exactly 5:07 PM last night, as we stood in the heavy west wind hailing a taxi, I had my iPhone dialed into ESPN watching the Gamecast. Pitch by pitch. For awhile. I knew it was futile. But, the girls were very tolerant as we sat down to dinner at Trattoria No. 10 on Dearborn, allowing me to have my phone on the tabletop. Still, a little uncomfortable. Until my friend showed up. He sat down, and lo and behold, had his cell phone out on ESPN watching the Gamecast. Eureka! At least we could follow it. And dinner was quite enjoyable. So was the conversation. Amazingly, I was able to multi-task, enjoying everything about the meal, keeping tabs on the Cubs.

Then, it was on to the Cadillac Palace Theatre for the rest of the evening. Walked in around 6:45, the place was packed. And, as I walked down the aisle I couldn't help but notice all the cell phones and laptops, some watching a stream of the game, and I knew I wasn't alone. Sat in my seat with my iPhone on my lap, and proceeded to enjoy the discussions while staying up to date on the game, and from time to time sharing the score with a few sitting near me, including my wife. Basically, anyone who didn't have the game on their phone.

So, it wasn't torture. The event ended right after 8:30, exactly on time, about two minutes after the game ended. Our biggest challenge at that point was to get to the Red Line and hop on the "L" before the Wrigley Field crowd filtered down. Ah, such is life, right, so challenging and full of frustration. So very tough. Not sure I got 100% of the discussions, but certainly got enough to catch the drift and find it enlightening, interesting, and stimulating.

By 9:15 I was home, watching the game on DVR. Confirmed. The Cubs won.


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