My Favorite Halloween Candy List

I admit it, I am not a big fan of Halloween. I've never liked costume parties because costumes freak me out. I've never been able to guess who somebody is and I always know I should be able to. I've also never been creative enough, although I do remember my lovely bride one time coming up with the idea that we would go to a party as the fisherman (me) and the catch (her). That was a damned good idea. We looked great, especially her, so cute as a salmon. We never did it again, though. I probably complained too much, methinks.

That said, I have a feeling I'll like Halloween much more now that I'll get to see our grandchildren dressed up. I don't know what all three of them, if they are costuming, are doing, but I know there is a parrot and a pumpkin in the arsenal. So yeah, it might be alright.

SNL_0776_07_Update_2_Adam_SandlerThat said, my favorite Halloween memory is Adam Sandler's gig on SNL, "Gimme Some Candy." I was going to try to post it. But, if you're so moved, you can probably find it online.

My next favorite thing, so far, is the candy, which is probably why I like Sandler's Candyman so much. My kids always hated when I stole the good stuff after their exploits in the field, even when they were little and I escorted them. They knew the ones I wanted, and I knew the good houses. So, without further ado, here are my top six Halloween candies:

#6 3 Musketeers. Has just the right amount of chocolate and creamy taste

#5 Milky Way. Kind of similar to 3 Musketeers, but better

#4 Baby Ruth. Chocolate, peanuts, and a great sign out deep right field across Sheffield now long gone

#3 Butterfinger. Dude, how can you not love Butterfinger? Don't know what all that crunchy stuff is, but it's awesome.

#2 Snickers. Just make sure you freeze them first.

heath-snack-size-candy-bars-125876-im1#1 Heath Bar. Toffee. I mean, toffee. And, it always seems like more than enough.

Special mention. Payday. Peanuts, caramel, and you get to look for the peanuts in your lap.

So, that's it. Very excited for Halloween to come. What's on your list?

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