Even With the Odds I'm Not Going to Worry About the Cubs

ChicagoCubs1908Logo_crop_exactI try to live by that affirmation "not to worry about things you can't control." Yeah, well that doesn't always work. Worrying is part of the problem. Everybody's problem. Certainly mine. Ruminating.

I haven't been worried about the Cubs, though. Beyond my control. Way beyond. Been watching and enjoying.

Wasn't worried all through the summer. Figured they were pretty good. Thought they might have a chance, a small chance, to catch the Cardinals. I knew the Giants and Dodgers were both struggling in their Division. And you could follow the records all throughout and know where the Cubs stood against those two teams and the Pirates for the Wild Card. Never worrying, just hoping.

Then the Cubs had that series when they blew the Giants away and you realized this might be a real chance. Not anything to worry about, just looked like an opportunity. And then September came and it was apparent the Cubs were going to actually make the playoffs and it was a matter of who they could overtake. Absolutely nothing to fret about. The Cubs are (were) going to be in the playoffs.

I mean, if Joe Maddon, the Cubs' manager, wasn't worried, which he wasn't, being the eternal optimist, it seems, why would I (we)? He was preaching to his players they should just have fun, and never let the pressure be greater than the pleasure. So, I bought in. So have you. We're all excited.

So, I wasn't worried in September. I wasn't worried when the Cubs lost the first game in St. Louis. We still had one more there. I wasn't worried when Addison Russell, the Cubs' fine rookie shortstop got hurt in Game 3, because I know they have depth. I wasn't concerned when Jake Arrieta wasn't having his best game. We still had the lead. I still wasn't worried in Game 4 when Lackey was starting for St. Louis. I was alright when they took a 1-0 lead. And, finally, I was cool in the 8th and 9th innings, confident even, because I just had a feeling our bullpen would hold them.

Thank you, Joe Maddon, for your optimism. It's pulling me (us) through this.

But, now, I'm a little worried. Las Vegas has declared the Cubs the favorite to win the World Series. Damnit!

Don't get me wrong. I think, no I know, the Cubs are going to win. I've been telling folks all along. And I don't think I'm jinxing them. The Cubs are gonna win the whole darn thing. But, they've been flying under the radar. No expectations. A bunch of rookies. And, they haven't won the whole enchilada for 107 years.

How, I ask you, do you make the favorite a team that hasn't won in over 100 years? That's the only thing that's scaring me. Because, all the sudden, the Cubs are expected to win. Now, really, I don't know if being the favorite is good or bad. They make the Patriots the favorite every year it seems, and that doesn't stop that team.

But, the Cubs are now the favorite to win the World Series? Should I start worrying?

No. I'm just going to enjoy the ride.


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