Ann Coulter Needs to Be Fired....If She Actually Had a Job

Well, I wrote a long post on this subject minutes ago and accidentally deleted it. So, I'll shorten it and get to the point.

Ann Coulter is obviously an anti-semite. Most people who express the views she does, as she did tweeting last night during the debate, are not allowed to be on television anymore. Why? Because they might use the platform to incite bigotry and hate. And, goodness knows, we all have too much of that going around forever.

I don't necessarily mind her. She's a joke. But, some people take her crap seriously. And, that's the reason serious news shows and entertainment shows (are you hearing me, Bill Maher?) who are worth their salt have to stop giving her a forum.

She's a mean, nasty person. I think we've seen and heard enough.

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