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Chicago set to make nation’s most expensive airport parking even costlier

Chicago is already home to some of the most expensive airport parking in the U.S. But a new plan from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would hike those costs even further. On Nov. 1, the mayor introduced an ordinance to raise the cost of nearly all types of parking at O’Hare and Midway airports. It passed... Read more »

Aulde lang fine: Chicago’s 12 new taxes and fees will cost every household more than $1K

After a 2015 all too lacking in serious reform from the Windy City, Chicago residents will need to make New Year’s resolutions to tighten their family budgets. Throughout the year, city politicians gifted Chicagoans with at least a dozen new city and county-level taxes, tax hikes and fee hikes, totaling $1.13 billion, or more than... Read more »