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Things That I Have Done Since This Conference Call Began

Things that I have done since this conference call began: Announced myself Tuned into first speaker on the call Started a grocery list Wished “Happy birthday!! Hope you’re doing well!” on two friends’ Facebook walls Paid my gas bill online Provided feedback on first speaker’s ideas on how to reinvigorate client interest on our main... Read more »

Improving Workplace Productivity, One Trash Can at a Time

As usual, I am up to no good. Except I mean the opposite. I venture that I’m practically saving the world these days, one trash can at a time. Submitted to my work’s intranet suggestion box yesterday (click to zoom): And now that I think of it…shouldn’t all bathroom doors be pull to enter, push to... Read more »

Polling: Which work bathroom situation is more embarrassing?

Polling: Which work bathroom situation is more embarrassing?

"I'm in the Staircase Awareness Group."

— a fellow employee that I met in the elevator No comment on the fact that such a group exists.
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    i miss working next to taco bell.

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