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Musings on Music Markets

This is a collection of some recent links and thoughts on music play, sales, and economics. 1) Artists are paid virtually nothing via streaming music sites like Spotify and Pandora. This is why some artists refuse the medium. The below (via Business Insider) is a summary of the pay per medium.  via Business Insider What... Read more »

90s Rock Nostalgia: Temple of the Dog Edition

Chris Cornell recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview at Reddit, and while the Q&A was generally blah, a few gems triggered some serious 90s rock nostalgia. courtmcc: Are you currently still stealing bread? ChrisCornellSG: No, I’ve paid the full price. And later: suddengroan: what do you like to eat for breakfast? ChrisCornellSG: don’t eat breakfast jakielim: IT’S THE... Read more »
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