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A Guide to Internet Laughter

ha Sigh. ha! That was good! Gold star! haha Nice try LOL This is a lie. ROFL Exponential lie. I’m smiling only because I just pronounced ROFL as ‘row-full’ in my head, and now daydreaming about AOL days when this acronym was new, exciting, and amusing hahaha Very good! Two gold stars. hahaha! Unexpectedly very good, equivalent to two gold stars molded,... Read more »

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store Necklaces of twisted CVS receipts Winter scarf with CVS receipts taped together Fashion scarf using CVS receipts rolled up into threadlike state and then woven together Coasters and placemats made of laminated CVS receipts Packing peanuts made up of crumpled up CVS receipts... Read more »

David Beckham Has Been Long Herbalife for Ages

In a recently filed 13-F, David Beckham revealed a new long position in Herbalife to the surprise of the investment and soccer community alike. Upon further digging, we at TotallyFakeNews have learned Herbalife is not only Beckham’s chief investment but his only. “I’m 110% invested — I’ve been buying the public stock and my own... Read more »

Siri, Who's the Quirkiest of Them All?

Zooey Deschanel is soooooooooooo quirky!   I just don’t know how Zooey keeps all her quirks straight. Quirks left, quirks right, here a quirk, there a quirk, everywhere a quirk quirk. What a quirky McQuirkster. Relatedly, please check out @ZooeySiri, a hilarious twitter account of questions an old school Quirkster wonders aloud, hoping Siri will... Read more »

Bill Murray Golfs and I Finally Get Golf as a Spectator Sport

All my life I’ve wondered three things: What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Why are golf sportscasters always whispering? I worry that the first two may remain unresolved until the day I die, but #3 I feel like I should be able to figure out with enough dedicated research. I’ve just... Read more »

Sustainable Local Markets via Slow Abacus-Driven Trading

Periodically, I wonder what my life would have been had I actually pursued graduate school after undergrad. I wonder things, like, would I have turned crunchier over the years as a Berkeleyan lifer? Would I have gotten really into bikes, seitan, and patchouli? Would I own IKEA furniture exclusively? Would I hang out at coffee... Read more »

inside...Inside Inside

Thumbnail image for 'inside...Inside Inside'
I loved James Lipton before this, and now…well, you’ll have find out inside Inside Inside.

An Idiot Playing an Asshole

As someone wise and witty once said, Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, “jOBS” is basically an idiot playing an asshole. I’m not planning to see the film, but this photo alone suggests that assessment is probably spot on. That and the fact that Steve Wozniak even says the early drafts of... Read more »
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