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The Second City Syndrome

As a fan of both Chicago and New York, I found the bona fide fire stirred by Rachel Shteir’s New York Times “book review” vs. the entire city of Chicago highly amusing. The issue was, as HuffPost summarizes: The piece, which Shteir defended as an “essay” in a Tuesday Q&A with Chicago magazine, triggered a familiar, exhausting cycle: Non-Chicagoan... Read more »

Why, Chicago?

Adventures in Apartment Hunting, Craigslist Local Edition: Part IV

Adventures in Apartment Hunting, Craigslist Local Edition: Part IV
Still can’t get over this insane craigslist ad that’s been up for over two weeks. Highlights bulleted below: I buy nice patio furniture or grills because I want to use nice patio furniture and grills. (according to what my cousin tells me, I am not permitted legally to speak about safety). We will probably schedule... Read more »

Adventures in Apartment Hunting, Chicago Edition: Part III

Who knew Yelp would come in so handy for apartment reviews, too?  
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