Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store Necklaces of twisted CVS receipts Winter scarf with CVS receipts taped together Fashion scarf using CVS receipts rolled up into threadlike state and then woven together Coasters and placemats made of laminated CVS receipts Packing peanuts made up of crumpled up CVS receipts... Read more »

Job Hunting Sucks, or A Tale of the Most Inept Admin of All Time

Now that I’m firmly entrenched in a different job and industry, I have to share this hellacious recruiting experience from about this time last year. I was interviewing with an asset manager in DC for an equity analyst position. A full year has passed and I still cannot believe this happened. I find it all... Read more »

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About

1. iPhone 6 2. How to transition key summer wardrobe pieces to fit fall fashion 3. FitBit/wearable technology Things that I do care about or have googled recently: 1. Free food at the office 2. Bed bugs on public transit 3. Workplace exercises to undo the damage of sitting

No One Speaks or Blinks Until We Get Through All of Khaleesi's Airs

Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, First of Her Name, Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Wearer of Impossibly Neat & Heavy Braids, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Moon of Khal Drogo’s life, Queen of Mereen, Knowing Cause of Jorah’s Blue Balls, Mhysa of the Unsullied, Commander of the Second Sons, Horrific... Read more »

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About

Things That I Do Not Understand and/or Care About Bitcoin 3D Printing Bran Stark’s story line in Game of Thrones Juicing How to make my wardrobe transition from Spring to Summer Celebrity clothing lines Hulu Plus Candy Crush Benghazi Net Neutrality Raspberry Pi The Voice/American Idol/Glee/The X-Factor Leaning In   Things That I Care About... Read more »

Game of Thrones Characters, Emoji'd

  I really could do this all day.  

Game of Thrones' Best Inanimate Objects: Robb Stark's War Map, Hot Pie's Wolf Bread, Theon's Sausage

Game of Thrones’ best inanimate characters…ranked. 1) Robb Stark’s war map. Barely edged out our #2, Stannis’ war map, because of its superior adorable wolf and lion figurines. The map itself is sadly efficient: only 2-D, foldable, packs well for travel. 2) Stannis’ war map. It has its own strategy room! Superior size, scale, topography,... Read more »

Game of Thrones S4E1: The Aunt Viv Domino Effect

In case you live in a cave*, the fourth season of Game of Thrones premiered last night, and it was pretty great if you rank greatness by the ratio of questions raised to questions answered during the episode. So here we go. This week’s questions and comments: The casting directors and producers busted an Aunt... Read more »

Binge-watching Game of Thrones & the Snarkfest That Was Television Without Pity

Two things, which turn out to be related: 1) I have spent the last couple of weeks drowning in Game of Thrones, in attempt to quickly catch up on three seasons before the fourth season premiere this coming Sunday. I had avoided the series previously because I’m generally creeped out fantasy stuff (and separately, sci-fi... Read more »

Musings on Music Markets

This is a collection of some recent links and thoughts on music play, sales, and economics. 1) Artists are paid virtually nothing via streaming music sites like Spotify and Pandora. This is why some artists refuse the medium. The below (via Business Insider) is a summary of the pay per medium.  via Business Insider What... Read more »
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