The Most Important Thing, According to...

Michael Bluth & Dom Toretto (Fast & Furious): Family George Michael Bluth & Mom: Breakfast Warren Buffett: Economic Moats Wu-Tang Clan & most of Asia: Cash The rest of Asia: Gold Pie lovers: The Crust Investment Bankers: Multiples Investors: Returns Traders: Earnings Buy & Hold Investors: Management Managers: People Employees: Recognition Vladimir Putin: Empire William... Read more »

A Guide to Internet Laughter

ha Sigh. ha! That was good! Gold star! haha Nice try LOL This is a lie. ROFL Exponential lie. I’m smiling only because I just pronounced ROFL as ‘row-full’ in my head, and now daydreaming about AOL days when this acronym was new, exciting, and amusing hahaha Very good! Two gold stars. hahaha! Unexpectedly very good, equivalent to two gold stars molded,... Read more »

Time Well Spent

In the time that I’ve spent untangling headphone/earbud cords throughout my life, it has been estimated* that I could have instead: 1) Read all the Game of Thrones books 2) Completed 3-5 online Ph.Ds from the University of Phoenix 3) Learned how to knit and knitted a scarf for each one of you for the holidays... Read more »

Apple iWatch: Russian Doll Edition

So, you guys do realize the iWatch is but a mini iPhone which is a mini iPad Mini which is literally a mini iPad which has its own mini version via the iPad Air which is a mini Macbook Air which is a mini Macbook, right? In other words, Apple has been re-releasing the same... Read more »

Has anyone asked how the poor DRESS feels about all this?

Judged, objectified, everyone eyeing its color and curves and asserting an opinion. It’s like we’ve been set back 50 years in our cultural progressive initiatives. And I’m sure the dress didn’t even ask for all this attention! All this dress wants to do is to hang somewhere, not be ogled and leered at. It just... Read more »

Who should replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?

Who should replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?
Fake news poll! Amy Poehler is my #1 but now that I think about it, wouldn’t Brian Williams also be suitable? He’s awesome at fake news. Let’s run through a few considerations before I ask you to vote in the poll below. Brian Williams was on that ‘copter that got shot down in Iraq. +1 BW... Read more »

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About: Winter 2015

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About Adam Levine How Smart Water “tastes better, I swear!” How Instacart, Postmates, other on demand delivery services make money Who is still watching Grey’s Anatomy Who reads or adds to comments sections with more than 50 comments Renee Zellwegger’s new face Uma Thurman’s new face Men... Read more »

Stuff Asian People Like

In addition to the staples…I’ve been brainstorming this list for a while. Suggestions welcome! Sales Discounts Coupons Deals Squatting Restaurants that don’t charge for tea or white rice Uniqlo Pencil cases Gambling Not voting Jade/Gold Giving cash as gifts The number 8 The color red Sanrio Hot Water Dispenser/Airpot Rice cooker Taking shoes off at... Read more »

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store Necklaces of twisted CVS receipts Winter scarf with CVS receipts taped together Fashion scarf using CVS receipts rolled up into threadlike state and then woven together Coasters and placemats made of laminated CVS receipts Packing peanuts made up of crumpled up CVS receipts... Read more »

Job Hunting Sucks, or A Tale of the Most Inept Admin of All Time

Now that I’m firmly entrenched in a different job and industry, I have to share this hellacious recruiting experience from about this time last year. I was interviewing with an asset manager in DC for an equity analyst position. A full year has passed and I still cannot believe this happened. I find it all... Read more »
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