Game of Thrones S7E4: Daenerys is Donald Trump

Previously on Game of Thrones: Daeneyrs was the worst. Ser Davos was the best.

This week: Daenerys is the worst. Ser Davos is the best.

I enjoyed this episode. I liked the old crew getting back together at Winterfell. Even if they're all emotionless weirdos now, the Starks Reunited gives me some hope. I also liked seeing Bronn and Jaime together again.

Sansa's right. I wonder what Littlefinger is up to, giving that dagger to Bran and indirectly to Arya.

Bran sucks. Meera calls him out on his coldness and ingratitude and Bran just shrugs his shoulders. He is so wise and knowing that he can't be bothered with real life, apparently.

Cersei's battle map still sucks. She's had four episodes now to remedy that and if that doesn't spell failure, I don't know what does.

The battle scene was excellent. Much more captivating than that intra-Greyjoy sea battle. The dragon(s?) were so ferocious that for a second I respected Daenerys' restraint in holding them back for this long. Only for a second though, because let's not forget: Daenerys is the worst. She destroys lives to feed her ego. She saves lives also to feed her ego. Remember, she only "freed slaves" in order to add "Breaker of Chains" to her mile long list of self-dubbed titles ("Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, blah blah blah...and MOTHAH of Dragons...")

And are we really supposed to believe a really large arrow is enough to take down a dragon?? Maybe the arrows were loaded with poison or something, too. And despite my great hope that after being shot, the dragon would dump Daenerys into a ball of fire on the ground, no, no, it had to let her down gently so that she could survive and over-enunciate "strat-uh-gzhee" at least once more to torture us all.

Getting back to Daenerys' unleashing of the dragons though: Daenerys has never been that into "strat-uh-gzhee," which is a damn shame considering her fantastic battle map room. Instead she just touts her name and her dragons as evidence of her right to rule and the secret to her success, despite that these were handed to her thanks to her extreme privilege. Her go-to-move is generally: 1) roll into some new place because she needs something, 2) be genuinely surprised when people don't bend the knee immediately, 3) promise the people impossible things, 4) kill those who oppose, 5) show off a dragon as needed, 6) convince all others  to pledge their loyalty because their options come down to join-or-be-left-behind/killed. She also values loyalty beyond reason. She speaks slowly and dramatically, despite that her words are vacuous and vapid (usually amounting to, "I want to win. How come I'm not winning!") Daenerys is, in short, Westeros' Donald Trump. 

My hope is that Tyrion, after seeing what a moron Daenerys is, jumps ship and finds Jaime and convinces him (and Bronn) to leave for Team Stark: Dead-eyed & Reunited (and it feels so good?).

Short list of those whom I continue to root for: Brienne, Podrick, Bronn, Jaime, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Samwell. Sansa is growing on me.

You remember him for that horrid "Thong Song," but I remember Sisqo for "Unleash the Dragon."

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