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Etiquette for the 21st Century Oblivious

Stumbled across this excellent reddit thread the other day, where someone asked, “What are some basic rules of etiquette everyone should know?” Sorted/highlighted/quoted/paraphrased the best Tips & Tricks on How to Not Be a Dick, so here we go: Rules of Engagement Window on an airplane gets a wall and an armrest. Middle gets 2 armrests.... Read more »

(More) Stuff White People Like

This is a tribute to the popular site, Stuff White People Like, for highlighting all this stuff that white people and I like. If ever the genius site creator decides to add to his list, here are some proposals (in no particular order): Brunch Cards Against Humanity Lululemon Allbirds/TOMS Pinterest Carabiners Bluetooth audio accessories Sharing Google... Read more »

“Get a thick pair of woolen socks. Not Nylon. Fucking wool.”

I just amazon-primed myself wool socks because my new favorite Gawker commenter, ACrowley, told me to. On Gawker’s unnecessary reminder, “It’s Gonna Be So Fucking Cold in the Midwest Tonight,” ACrowley (the love child of Al Cowlings and Ace Frehley? Anyone?) spits out some golden advice, made all the better if you imagine it delivered... Read more »
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