Why Are All Weather Websites So Cluttered and Crazy?

I understand meteorologists don't have a lot of time to waste on websites. I mean, no one does and just thinking about a weather man's daily schedule, interpreting Doppler radar, polling the elderly about their collective arthritic symptoms, reading a teleprompter, dancing in front of a blue screen of nothing...It's a crazy day already, not to mention the amount of time he must spend defending "meteorology" as a science to spouses and passersby.

So I get it. The website part of weather reporting has probably been left to the summer intern, who is obviously blind. Yes, yes, I shouldn't be complaining about her work, because because obviously I've missed the point. She deserves high praise for landing a design gig despite being blind.

But seriously, how is it that all weather websites are consistently cluttered and crazy? The weird videos, ads, invitations to see my friends' weather forecasts, meteorologist headshots...How many websites must I sift through to find one that doesn't make my eyes explode?

The answer is five.

Exhibit 1: WGN's Chicago Weather Center, home of Tom Skilling and his many newscaster friends.


Exhibit 2: Wunderground.com, home of rainbows and invisible grid alignment


Exhibit 3: The Weather Channel, home of pivotal social media measure, My Friends' Weather Alerts

weather channel

Exhibit 4: NBC5 Chicago, home of...actually helpful wardrobe advice for today's weather. Check plus, except for the unnecessary Video Forecast on the right.


Exhibit 5: Yahoo! Weather! Our winning weather site. So fresh and so clean, clean.


 Congrats on a job well done, Marissa Mayer! Thanks for firing a whole bunch of your staff, banning work-from-home for your employees while simultaneously installing a separate nursery at work for only your own kid...I'm pleased to tell you all these sacrifices were all worth it. In all seriousness, despite that some of the recent redesigns at FlickrYahoo! Mail, Weather are a decade late, better late than never and it is much appreciated.

Now please get to work on the disaster-splatter look of Yahoo! Finance. Thanks!

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