The Guy Running @GSElevator is a Douchebag

But the twitter account, even if it is full of uncredited quotes and run by a douchebag, is still pretty damn funny. Give credit where it is due.

Yesterday this happened, in roughly this order:

  And then...

So if you just read those two tweets alone you might think @GSElevator is just quoting Mike Drucker by citing his initials (who does that??). However, a typical reader of @GSElevator knows it’s finance/banking-oriented, so he/she likely assumed it was i) hilarious and ii) said by a Managing Director (emm dot dee dot) at GS. We all laugh regardless. Then:

@MikeDrucker: Hey, @GSElevator! Stop stealing my jokes. For someone making fun of Goldman Sachs, you're just as bad as Goldman Sachs.

@GSElevator to @MikeDrucker: I have never tried to take credit for any comments that have quotation marks around them.

@MikeDrucker: Instead of quoting it and adding initials as you get retweets for yourself why not use my actual name?

@MikeDrucker: I'm going to block you now so you can't steal more from me. Feel free to tweet this as overheard in an elevator, you fuck.

@MikeDrucker: For those that are calling me dramatic, I'm sorry. I can only work if I have jokes.   If someone steals them, that's like copying my résumé.

@GSElevator: Holy Shit! @MikeDrucker is ugly as shit. That's why he's just a writer and not a standup

*The tweet above was subsequently deleted, but here it is in all its ugly screenshotted glory.

Sorry about the floating "embed tweet" bubble. I wsn't planning to use this.

Sorry about the floating "embedded tweet" bubble. Wasn't planning to use this.

@MikeDrucker to @GSElevator: I may be ugly. I may suffer from depression. But you still steal jokes. Have a good night, you uncreative, awful human being.

@robdelaney: I ❤ @MikeDrucker & his superb tweets. I would like to have sex with him.

@GSElevator: I ❤ @robdelaney and @MikeDrucker. Because the world needs ditch diggers too....


Gross. I’m not that surprised though. And I'm guessing @GSElevator gains some sense and deletes his absurd ... jabs...? But you know, this blog is here to remind him the internet is forever.

Also, I’m assuming @GSElevator is male, but I could be totally wrong. Maybe it is actually Amy Schumer, because that would make total sense.

 UPDATE: @GSElevator deleted the whole thing. Mike Drucker also deleted his portion.

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  • ...and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I find Twitter such a colossal waste of time.

  • In reply to Curmudgeon:

    agreed for the most part. it's highly entertaining for a moment, but if you skip it completely you haven't missed much.

    on the other hand, twitter is really useful for reading the news in the morning! most efficient way to skim headlines and save links that i've encountered.

  • Very interesting.

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