90s Rock Nostalgia: Temple of the Dog Edition

Chris Cornell recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview at Reddit, and while the Q&A was generally blah, a few gems triggered some serious 90s rock nostalgia.

courtmcc: Are you currently still stealing bread?
ChrisCornellSG: No, I've paid the full price.

And later:

suddengroan: what do you like to eat for breakfast?
ChrisCornellSG: don't eat breakfast
clafleur611: He goes hungry.

I giggled aloud after reading both these quips, flashing back to tenth grade when I managed to submit the lyrics to Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" and Live's "Lightning Crashes" as part of a poetry project that got an A. Thanks, Ms. Chapman!

Anyway, enjoy the tune, as it's truly a forgotten gem. This Rolling Stone reviewer gets it spot on (pasted from Wikipedia):

"Cornell and Vedder...turn its four minutes into a veritable opera of rock-star guilt...Cornell turns on theRobert Plant-style napalm full blast, but it is Vedder's scorched introspection that brings the conscience in the song to a full boil. 'Hunger Strike' was his first starring vocal on record; it is still one of his best."

This video, on the other hand, I don't get at all. So much hair flowing in the wind, and why is Eddie Vedder relegated to hovering awkwardly alone, no instrument in hand, in the tall beach grasses?

I have a sudden urge to watch Singles now.

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