Siri, Who's the Quirkiest of Them All?

Zooey Deschanel is soooooooooooo quirky!


Zooey "Quirky McQuirks" Deschanel

Zooey "I'm So(!) Quirky(!!)" Deschanel

I just don't know how Zooey keeps all her quirks straight. Quirks left, quirks right, here a quirk, there a quirk, everywhere a quirk quirk. What a quirky McQuirkster.

Relatedly, please check out @ZooeySiri, a hilarious twitter account of questions an old school Quirkster wonders aloud, hoping Siri will answer.

Siri, since I've never seen a koala bear, how do I know they exist?

Siri, what's love got to do, got to do with it?

Siri, can you buy hats for phones?

Siri, does "interesting" have three or four syllables?

Siri, why is NBC's new slogan "We peacock comedy"?

Siri, does fruit expire if it's smaller?

So good! I have to go now because I need to finish reading @ZooeySiri's entire tweet history since the beginning of time.



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